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Pokémon GO Cheats, Guide and Review

Pokemon Go Cheats

Pokémon GO Cheats, Guide and Review

Note: If you want unlimited resources and something quick like Pokémon GO Hack, then you can skip this long text which is an introduction of the game. So scroll to the end of the article and enjoy! Otherwise keep reading our intro article.

Pokemon is widely known the term, and you can find that there are numerous games developed on it. One of the most popular games that you can find related to this term is Pokémon GO. Who hasn’t played this game which becomes popular in the nick of time? The graphics features and gameplay are making it one of the best of all.

The game is developed by Niantic Inc., and you can get it from Google Play Store as well as from Apple App Store according to the platform. It is a free to play the game, and you can lay a hand on it without any kind of issue. In order to progress, you need to earn currencies, collect new Pokemon and there is the lot more to take into consideration. You may feel confused, but this Pokémon GO guide will help you get rid of every single issue.

  1. Focus on Ditto

One of the common questions found among intermediate is that how to use. Well, it is better to learn about it in the beginning of the game so that you don’t face issues lately. There are two important things that you should be looking for, one is ditto and the second thing is the special power. As you are sent to the Gym, you have to battle with another player having pokemon. The Ditto will help you impersonating another pokemon used by the rival.

It can almost copy everything from appearance to special ability but what about CP. It is going to copy the base CP which means that you are not getting the max powers and abilities. As you are not getting exact same CP, then you can face issues lately. However, it can work on the own Curve of CP. It can let you match in powers again the opponent. Due to this reason, Ditto is an effective move to prefer, and it can help in various manners, and you can rely on it.

  1. Inaccurate distance issue

The worst issue regarding this game is accuracy, and it is required to have a better GPS system in your smartphone. When you are going to hatch Pokemon eggs, try to go straight. On the other hand, you will need to acquire sufficient amount of resources for it. Going out to get pokeballs and other resources are typical and can’t help you meet the need due to inaccuracy issue. Due to such reasons, most of the gamers look for in-app purchases option.

Well, it isn’t a good option to go with. Chances of spending thousands of dollars by using such method are higher, and many people have a negative review about it. Try to stay selective and don’t use such methods. There is a simple trick that can help you out. If you are driving to leave your game somewhere, then open. It will keep on showing things around, and it can come handy to collect resources. But, try to keep your eyes on the road and don’t take a game much more important than your life. It can make you face issues lately.

  1. Pokémon Transformation

After the update from developers, the game started supporting the transformation of Pokémon, and it can help in various manners. You need to find a specific species which can transform, and it is really easy. Try to collect the good number of resources and unique Pokémon. It will help with the transformation and provide better ones. Being the best gamer by using the best Pokémon is easier, and you can try out this method for sure.

On the other hand, you have to collect a sufficient number of Pokeballs, so the basic tip is to go straight and use the balls you have. Try to use them wisely, and the accuracy matters a lot here. When you install the game and play for the first time, it will show you plenty of options and tutorial also. Try to focus on it because it can help you learn the basics and being an advanced gamer. It is reliable, and you can try out this method to never face an issue.

  1. Some hidden Tricks to use

There are plenty of hidden tricks in the game that can help you for sure and you can rely on each one to never face a single issue lately. Most of the people have asked that how to get Pikachu which is the most loved character. It is not available for starters, but there are some tricks to get him easily.

You can try to walk away from all the starter options given which are mainly Charmander, Squirtle, and the Bulbasaur. Now, the only Pokémon left officially is Pikachu. It is the easy method to get such an awesome pocket. Hope, the Pokémon GO Guide will assist you to use ditto and learn some basic tricks.

Note: In this article we are not promoting any Pokémon GO Cheats as well as Pokémon GO mod apk. Here you will find something even better and it’s totally safe and legit. By using the guide above you will be able to get as much resources as you want without even cheating!


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